Saturday, November 7, 2009

home sweet home

nasi putih + ayam masak lemak + telur mata kerbau + daddy's teh tarik

i know it sounds simple, but that is the tastiest food I've ever tasted. now i realize how much i miss my dad's cooking. especially my dad's teh tarik. he made the best teh tarik in the world, better than mamak's teh tarik. i MISS my bed, i MISS my bantal busuk, i MISS chatting with my two little brothers, i MISS teasing bibik, i MISS my cat, i MISS MY HOME !

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

especially to my friend

my friend,
you always be there when i need help,
you always be there when i need somebody to cheer up my day,
you always be there when i have problem,
i really appreciate all your kindness,
i really appreciate all your attention towards me,
i really appreciate what you have done to me,
thank you.

but, i never expected that you will fall for me,
i never expected that i am the girl that you like,
i never expected that i always in your mind,
i never, never, never expected that.

and i am sorry to say this,
but somebody has stole my heart,
somebody who is truly love me with all his sincerity,
and me too, i am really in love with him,
not you.

i am very very very sorry my friend.
i hope this will not ruin our friendship.

Monday, November 2, 2009

weird dream

Today, I'm not feeling so well. i felt so dizzy and my stomach hurt so bad. maybe it's because of my gastric. i have 4 classes today, and i skipped all of them. and worst, i woke up late in the afternoon, around 11.20 a.m. n guess what? it make me even dizzier. before that, i want to share you guys my dream.
I have this weird dream where i woke up sleeping in a truck with my bed and my teddy with me. even weirder, there's my roommate, Kak Syida at the passenger seat and one guy who driving the truck, the guy look very familiar, i think i know him, but i just can't remember who because i still don't have the chance to look at his face. suddenly, the truck stop and here we are in front of some old cottage (cottage yg menyeramkan) but with beautiful garden. i heard the driver's door was opened, and quickly i went to my bed and pretended to sleep. i heard Kak Syida was talking to the guy, and now i realize that i do KNOW the guy, i have seen him before in the library, and he is Kak Syida and Kak Zurith's friend, Fazz Ali. I also heard Kak Syida and Fazz Ali ber' sayang-sayang. haha. rupenye diorang couple (but in my dream la) hehe. i started to laugh, but they heard me. one of them caught my hand, and i was struggled against Fazz Ali unbreakable grasp. i don't know what they want to do with me. kak syida da mule marah-marah, and we started to argue. n *pooofff* i woke up from my dream, and there Kak Syida was at her small table with her laptop. adeyh, kecewa btul. baru je nk teruskan mimpi tu. but, i can't. haha. THE END! :D

p/s: i think it's the "Twilight: New Moon" novel that i read before sleep which i borrowed from Fazz Ali that me dream like this. haha. great book btw :)

p/p/s: kak syida, jgn marah erk. nie mimpi semate-mate je ;)

tears :(

oh no, there're tears running through my cheek. agghhh! rase nk nangis je skung nie. only ALLAH knows how sad i feel right now :(( thankfully, i have my teddy bear to accompany me *sigh*

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Today something not so good happened to me and 3 of my house mates. we were trapped OUTSIDE the house after came home from Tesco and section 17. It was around 4.30 p.m. and we were trapped for about 1 and a half hour, and nobody's in the house. so, we cannot enter our house. macam jail plak, cme the difference is it's outside. haha. actually the grill was broken and somebody has locked it, only certain key can open it. before this, announcement have been made to all the house mates, don't ever lock the grill. but, yesterday somebody has locked it. smue da panicked, and we were all so mad. plus embarrassed too, stiap kali jiran lalu, smue tnduk. luckily, we have kak wa's goreng pisang and some grapes we bought from the Tesco. Eita da mle on dye pnye song from her handset. da mcm picnic plak kt dpn pntu tu. kak wa plak x abis2 ckp "jemput la, jemput ke rumah trtutup kami". haha. suddenly, *teng teng teng* :) our neighbor who were kind enough to help us. he put all his effort to unlock the grill. plus with his cute little assistant, his 2-3 years old son. and Alhamdulillah he successfully fight the grill and won the challenge. haha. finally, we can enter the house, cume pintu grill rosak and we have to used cellophane tape to cover the keyhole. so, syukur cgt nobody gets hurt ;)
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