Saturday, October 31, 2009


I have learnt my lesson. don't ever keep any secrets from him, walau sekecik semut pown rahsie tu. yesterday i met him and told 1 secret that i kept for a long period. bukan sengaja pown nk rhsiekn, cume terlupa nk cerite. lagipun, the incidence happened on my birthday; June 9 (now da october, can u imagine how long i kept it? adeyh). well, i don't want to mess up my historical day. oke, lets shorten up the story. yesterday, i told him about a guy who before this has asked me to have lunch with him. i thought it will be like four or five of us; if that, maybe i will make my consideration to accept his offer, but he only want ME to eat with him, like a date la and 1 more thing he offer to treat me as well. i was like "hekeleh, knp dgn mamat nie?". so, i decline his offer nicely, "sorry la, esok teeya nk kua ngan bf" (padahal mane ade. haha. kejam kan?) and then he answered "oh, x pe la, laen kali je la k" (xde laen kali pown, that's the 1st and last time dye ajak. haha). so, that what happen. i forgot to tell my boyfriend about this incident, and he really pissed off.

him: camni la perangai. bagus cgt la tu.
me: spe? laki tu ke sy?
him: *silent*
me: awak, spe yg awk ckp tu? sy ke dye?
him: laki tu bia lantak die la. *silent
me: mm, sy ke?
him: yela, cube awk fikir da berapa lame da awk simpan cerita nie? apsal x cite je dari dlu?

bla, bla, bla, n so on.

i apologize to him, and promise i will not keep any secrets from him. thankfully, he accept my apology. usually he take a long time to think, but yesterday he only took 5 minutes to accept my apology. so, from now on, i have to remember my promises and be honest with him.

Friday, October 30, 2009

intro :)

This is my 1st time writing a blog, actually i have a blogger before, but my old account has been hacked by some
hacker from Jordan.i'm so pissed off at that time, but now the hacker has apologize to me, and give my old account
passwords back. agghh, cam ntah papew ntah. and then, the hacker ask me to add him in ym. pergh, yeah right,
macam la aku nk add kau. Btw, before i forget, i would like to introduce myself. i'm a happy go lucky girl, sensitive:
easily to get mad, but easy to cool down (all u have to do is minta maaf *wink*),i have a huge interest in photography,
i love edit pictures n snapping candid pictures. i love skittles and kit kat. hehe. i hate an arrogant person, and a person
who think they are so good, hot, or so whatever. seriously, i am not a good person, but i am not that bad either.
sometimes i do make mistakes, and i really regret it. but, i just don't understand a perfectionist, who think they are so
perfect and can't accept other people's way of life. do they really have to that? hidup sendiri la weyh. x yah nak tawu hal
org suda. i have been hurt by so many people before, it started since i am in my primary school. actually,
before this i used to be a nerd. i wore big glasses, chubby and i'm the most untalkative person in the class.
all my classmates always treated me like i'm a nobody in the class or in other words "dipulaukan", sedih tu mmg sgt sgt
sgt la. but, after i met N , i started to change my appearance; from glasses to contact lens
and started to diet. and after that my classmate especially boys started to talk to me. agghh, nmpk cgt yg diorang nie
tgk paras rupe je. that's why when people said "teeya cantek", "teeya comel". i will reply, "teeya x cantek ok". i still don't
think that i'm beautiful, because the shadows of my previous appearance always following me. however, i love myself,
and i always trying to improve myself to be a better person. and thanks to my family and friends who always support
me. i love them damn so much la weyh ;)

oh yeah, above is me with my little brother. he's cute kan? :p
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