Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2 months missing

Wow, it's been almost two months since i wrote in this blog. there's so much stories i want to share with you guys, but i can't. So, i can only listed out and highlight some of the event that had happened to me throughout this 2 months (almost) :

  • three final presentation in 2 weeks ( the most stressful weeks) : PDL presentation ( i got credit from Madam Azian for my Bunting Design! :D ), Effective speaking presentation ( where we present our speech at Tasik "BUSUK" ! haha. it was interesting, 1st time we experienced outdoor class), & lastly ICT presentation ( where there's a little mice appear in our classroom, the whole class was screaming. it was hilarious. haha )
  • N's birthday: we didn't spent much time together, only ym'ing the whole day. & celebrating it at Dataran SA where he gave me his birthday cake and some cupcakes his mom made it for him ( it was delicious) haha. & i give him my present where i bought it at last minute ( it was 8 hours before his birthday! )
  • final exam: i have 3 papers in 3 days straight. i think my brain gonna explode at that time! it was stress, but thankfully i can answer all my papers smoothly ( i hope i'll get good results, wish me luck! )
  • model: helping Ebby's bf for his assignment. & being a model for the first time, it was interesting yet fun.
  • midnight movie: watching midnight movie with Kak Syida, Kak Zurith, Kak Ina, Kak Mimi, & some of their friends was fun yet tiring. haha.
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