Monday, November 2, 2009

weird dream

Today, I'm not feeling so well. i felt so dizzy and my stomach hurt so bad. maybe it's because of my gastric. i have 4 classes today, and i skipped all of them. and worst, i woke up late in the afternoon, around 11.20 a.m. n guess what? it make me even dizzier. before that, i want to share you guys my dream.
I have this weird dream where i woke up sleeping in a truck with my bed and my teddy with me. even weirder, there's my roommate, Kak Syida at the passenger seat and one guy who driving the truck, the guy look very familiar, i think i know him, but i just can't remember who because i still don't have the chance to look at his face. suddenly, the truck stop and here we are in front of some old cottage (cottage yg menyeramkan) but with beautiful garden. i heard the driver's door was opened, and quickly i went to my bed and pretended to sleep. i heard Kak Syida was talking to the guy, and now i realize that i do KNOW the guy, i have seen him before in the library, and he is Kak Syida and Kak Zurith's friend, Fazz Ali. I also heard Kak Syida and Fazz Ali ber' sayang-sayang. haha. rupenye diorang couple (but in my dream la) hehe. i started to laugh, but they heard me. one of them caught my hand, and i was struggled against Fazz Ali unbreakable grasp. i don't know what they want to do with me. kak syida da mule marah-marah, and we started to argue. n *pooofff* i woke up from my dream, and there Kak Syida was at her small table with her laptop. adeyh, kecewa btul. baru je nk teruskan mimpi tu. but, i can't. haha. THE END! :D

p/s: i think it's the "Twilight: New Moon" novel that i read before sleep which i borrowed from Fazz Ali that me dream like this. haha. great book btw :)

p/p/s: kak syida, jgn marah erk. nie mimpi semate-mate je ;)

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