Sunday, November 1, 2009


Today something not so good happened to me and 3 of my house mates. we were trapped OUTSIDE the house after came home from Tesco and section 17. It was around 4.30 p.m. and we were trapped for about 1 and a half hour, and nobody's in the house. so, we cannot enter our house. macam jail plak, cme the difference is it's outside. haha. actually the grill was broken and somebody has locked it, only certain key can open it. before this, announcement have been made to all the house mates, don't ever lock the grill. but, yesterday somebody has locked it. smue da panicked, and we were all so mad. plus embarrassed too, stiap kali jiran lalu, smue tnduk. luckily, we have kak wa's goreng pisang and some grapes we bought from the Tesco. Eita da mle on dye pnye song from her handset. da mcm picnic plak kt dpn pntu tu. kak wa plak x abis2 ckp "jemput la, jemput ke rumah trtutup kami". haha. suddenly, *teng teng teng* :) our neighbor who were kind enough to help us. he put all his effort to unlock the grill. plus with his cute little assistant, his 2-3 years old son. and Alhamdulillah he successfully fight the grill and won the challenge. haha. finally, we can enter the house, cume pintu grill rosak and we have to used cellophane tape to cover the keyhole. so, syukur cgt nobody gets hurt ;)

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