Saturday, October 31, 2009


I have learnt my lesson. don't ever keep any secrets from him, walau sekecik semut pown rahsie tu. yesterday i met him and told 1 secret that i kept for a long period. bukan sengaja pown nk rhsiekn, cume terlupa nk cerite. lagipun, the incidence happened on my birthday; June 9 (now da october, can u imagine how long i kept it? adeyh). well, i don't want to mess up my historical day. oke, lets shorten up the story. yesterday, i told him about a guy who before this has asked me to have lunch with him. i thought it will be like four or five of us; if that, maybe i will make my consideration to accept his offer, but he only want ME to eat with him, like a date la and 1 more thing he offer to treat me as well. i was like "hekeleh, knp dgn mamat nie?". so, i decline his offer nicely, "sorry la, esok teeya nk kua ngan bf" (padahal mane ade. haha. kejam kan?) and then he answered "oh, x pe la, laen kali je la k" (xde laen kali pown, that's the 1st and last time dye ajak. haha). so, that what happen. i forgot to tell my boyfriend about this incident, and he really pissed off.

him: camni la perangai. bagus cgt la tu.
me: spe? laki tu ke sy?
him: *silent*
me: awak, spe yg awk ckp tu? sy ke dye?
him: laki tu bia lantak die la. *silent
me: mm, sy ke?
him: yela, cube awk fikir da berapa lame da awk simpan cerita nie? apsal x cite je dari dlu?

bla, bla, bla, n so on.

i apologize to him, and promise i will not keep any secrets from him. thankfully, he accept my apology. usually he take a long time to think, but yesterday he only took 5 minutes to accept my apology. so, from now on, i have to remember my promises and be honest with him.

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