Monday, November 1, 2010

Tagged ♥

I never been tagged before. This is my first time tagged by one of my classmates, Fatin Amalina. So, apa salahnya nak try kan :)

The rules are:

Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note, with 25 random things, fact, habits, or goal about you. at the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. you have to tag the person who tagged you. if i tag you, its because i want to know more about you. your cooperation is highly appreciated.

So, let's start the game bebeh !

1) My name as stated in my Identity Card is Nurfatiha binti Mokhtar. But I prefer to be called as Teeya.

2) I'm the second child in my family & the only daughter of Mr. Mokhtar & Mdm Wan Munirah. It's not easy to be the only daughter, yes i get all the girls stuff i want & i don't need to share it with my siblings, but trust me, it's hard. Why? because.. Well, biarlah rahsia :)

3) Mata sy agak sepet. hehe. That's because when i'm still my mummy's tummy, my mom love to watch the most famous Japanese drama on that time, titled "Oshin". When i have a baby in my tummy, i decided to watch Sterling Knight movie, so my baby will look just like him :p

4) My education level, started from 4 years old, my parents have send me to Todd-to-toddlers nursery, in Taman Bukit Saga, Section 26, Shah Alam. I still remember the school song, walaweyh :D

5) Then, followed by SK Hicom in Section 27 since standard 1 till standard 6. & SR Agama Rakyat, still in Tmn Bukit Saga, tp sekolah agama time ptg je. I remember one thing, since my house dkt dengan sekolah agama tu, setiap petang i will come to school early, kiranya mcm berlumba dgn member siapa dtg paling awal. Haha. I won most of the time, bila balik je dari sekolah kebangsaan; mandi kerbau, mkn sikit, then terus pergi sekolah. Usually, when I arrived, memang x de siapa langsung kt sekolah. Of course la I win kan? :p

6) Form 1 till form 5, studied in SMK Alam Megah, Section 27. Still dkt dgn rumah, tp time tu dah matured sikit, x de lah smpai nk lumba2 lg. hehe :p

7) I used to study in SMT Juaseh, in Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan, taking Civil Engineering ( cita2 time tu nak jd Arkitek) . But only for 2 weeks, maybe because x biasa berjauhan dgn family, so rasa lain mcm je time tu. Then, i moved back to my old school.

8) After SPM, continue with form 6 taking physics courses. That time i'm the only muslim in the class, all Chinese & Indian. But not for long, till I got promotion to further my study in UNISEL which my first option is Masscomm & my second option is TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language).

9) Currently studying in UNISEL, Shah Alam taking Dip. in Communication & Media. Dulu in secondary school, amik science stream, memang completely different from now. But I don't regret choose communication & media in the first place, because it is an interesting course. I enjoy every minute of learning it.

10) I will finish up my diploma in March 2011, my plan after diploma is to continue degree in UITM, Insyallah i want to take either Advertising or Broadcasting (I'm still in dilemma)

11) My parents have their own travel company. Therefore, me & my family travel a lot, but mostly around Malaysia because we want to explore Malaysia more. Besides, my parents always want to promote Malaysia to foreigners, so to do that, they have to know what Malaysia have.

12) I love to make up & dress-up. If i have a free time, i will watch make-up tutorial in youtube.

13) I love to collect pictures.

14) Some of my classmates might see me as the most quiet person in class, but i can be crazy with my besties sometimes :)

15) My BFF is my little brothers; mamat & dd.

16) I love fashion photography.

17) My favorite food is Sushi and western food. But I love sushi the most ! Of course not to forget I love my mom's cooking, especially her chicken pie. Yummy !

18) I love pastel color, the color is not too bright & it's kinda pale. But I also love neon color, neon color always brighten up my day.

19) I like to collect Manga / Anime Comic. I have about 30 of it & planning to collect more. Booyah :D

20) I have a car lisence, i don't have a motorcycle lisence & not planning to take one. & i drive auto car, i totally forgot how to drive manual car.

21) I don't have any food alergy, except for one, i'm kinda allergic to dust.

22) I have major gastric & migraine problem. I can't eat too late, i can't eat spicy food, i can't stand under the hot sun for a long period. Or else I will collapsed.

23) I'm now in the progress of learning how to play drums, teach by my little brother who i think is quite pro in playing drums. ( Tp, sekarang baru blaja basic je :)

24) When it's my birthday, I don't expect any gift, I just want everybody to remember my special day. That's all :)

25) I hope I have a bright future, living my own dreams with the loved ones. That's all I'm asking for :)

25 Special people be tagged:

Fatin Amalina



Eyqa Zubir





Nana Dolphin

Amirah Jaafar






Miss Ad




Kak Wawa

Nana Upps





Depends for you whether you want to play it or not, this is just for fun. Enjoy peeps

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