Sunday, November 7, 2010

Friends or Enemy?

I just want to voice out my opinion, well, i don't believe in the terms Best Friends Forever (BFF).
Why? For me, you can have best friends, but maybe not forever. Bila korang bersama best friends korang, happy, gelak2, you will think or say "Aww, I love my best friends, i want to be with them forever!", tapi cuba kalau "Best friends" korang tu tinggalkan korang & stab you in the back, & pretended to like you, don't you feel "WTH?! I don't have best friends like her/him ! I never did !" Masa tu title BFF tu da jd Frenemy or Enemy Forever.
Well, this is just my opinion and my point of view. I don't know about you guys. I have experienced this before, that's why i said like that. But I believe, bukan semua kawan jahat, we just need to be smart in choosing good friends. Peace :)

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